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2022 World Cup Bracket Challenge

How It Works

- Make a $20 entry Donation to Marin County Union SC

- Fill in the bracket with your predictions. Sign with your email and full name and email it to when completed.

- Multiple brackets can be filled and submitted. Each bracket (one page) is $20.


- First place will win an Adidas FIFA World Cup 2022 Al Rihla official match-ball ($170 retail price)  or VISA prepaid $170

-Second place will win an official 2022 World Cup Jersey ($90) or VISA prepaid $90

- Third place is TBA

Donations from this World Cup challenge will be used to raise funds for the team. Funds raised will go directly to aiding team expenses like facilities, field equipment and more.

Due to our no pay-to-play philosophy, we rely solely on team fundraisers and charitable donations from our community.


- Make a Donation and submit the completed form by November 20 11:59 PM PST. Completed forms are to be emailed to

- Points will be awarded to every correct prediction. Below is the breakdown on the point system:

Round of 16 - 96 Points Available

- Predict which country will advance in 1st place and which one in 2nd place.

- For every country predicted correctly to advance, gain 5 points

- Gain an extra 1 point if the position is correctly predicted (who is 1st and 2nd place)

Quarterfinals - 80 Points Available

- Gain 10 points for every quarterfinalist you predict

Semifinals - 60 Points Available

- Gain 15 points for every semifinalist you predict

Third Place - 20 Points Available

- Gain 20 points for predicting the third-place winner

Finalists - 50 Points Available

- Gain 25 points for predicting each finalist

World Cup Winner - 50 Points Available

- Gain 50 points for predicting the winner of the final

Tiebreakers: If there is a tie in points, the person that has predicted the winner of the final will win. If it remains a tie, the person that predicted the most finalist will win. If it remains a tie, the same process will continue through the semifinals, quarterfinals,  round 16 and group stage.

World Cup QATAR bracket challenge 2022.png
Here's An Example of a Completed Bracket
Tip - For round of 16 - 1st place of group (circled in green) goes on top/ Second place teams go on the bottom and across their group. 
Tip - For third place - Choose who will win from the two losing semifinal teams. From the example below, France vs. the United States both lost the semifinal so they played for third place. France is chosen to win. 
Inkedwc comlpeted bracket example picture - Copy.jpg
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