About Us

Marin County Union SC (MCUSC) is an exciting new men’s semi-professional soccer club competing in the National Soccer League Pacific Conference and representing Marin County on a regional level.

A Team With A Mission


Marin County Union is a team with a mission. The mission is twofold: to give local talent a platform to continue pursuing their goals and aspirations in the sport; and offer family enjoyment that can bring our communities together through soccer, arguably the most fan-rich sport in the world.

With MCUSC joining the National Soccer League Pacific Conference, we look forward to representing Marin with pride and integrity. In addition, we look forward to giving our community an exciting new team to support. Marin has always had a rich soccer community and top soccer institutions; MCUSC aims to highlight the talent of our community and aid the local elite players in furthering their journey in the sport.

The Team's Origin 

MCUSC's origin leads back to 1999 in San Rafael, CA. MCUSC was initially created to offer local talented players an opportunity to form part of a structured competitive team and compete in various amateur tournaments and leagues across Northern California. Originally developed under a different name, MCUSC has remained under the same ownership since the club's inception. MCUSC has always had a no pay-to-play philosophy to allow players no financial barriers and equal opportunity.

Despite many years, Marin County Union continues to uphold core values, honesty, integrity, and discipline, which have been crucial to cultivating a team environment of unity and competitiveness while simultaneously shaping better individuals for their communities.

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